Friday, February 29, 2008

The Mickey Phone in action

Hey guys, just found a quick video of the phone I was talking about in action:

Seems to work okay. It's not god, but it looks alright. Better than some of the phones I've seen people toting.

The user in the video has the black model. I stand by my belief that the white one looks better.

Jens Out

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Best Mobile Ever Conceived? I think so

I was spurred into looking into the demise of Disney Mobile's US operations by the rather nifty ad for the Japanese version which has hit the internet recently, featuring a cover of everyone's favourite jingle, the Mickey Mouse March.

Here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Credit to The Disney Blog for bringing it to my attention

I decided to look and see if any of the old and now (I assume potentially) virtually useless handsets were on eBay. A few of them are. But whilst I was looking at those, caught sight of a Mickey Mouse iPod/Mobile Phone sock. Which was cool enough and I think I might just get one for my iPod touch.

But then my gaze fell upon the Mickey Mouse LT2. To put it simply, it's a Mickey Mouse branded Smartphone. I believe it originates from China (It seems to be distributed by CECT, a subsidiary of Qiao Xing Universal Telephone Inc.) and is only available via importers on, for example, eBay, here in the UK.

It's Dual-Band 900Mhz and 1800MHz, so I can imprt it and use it here no trouble.
It's not huge, sporting a screen pretty much identical to the one on my RAZR V3, but I can get it here for £76. Which is less than I was going to pay for less exciting phones by a wide margin.

It's also actually lighter than my RAZR, which is fairly impressive. And it packs a better camera by a megapixel, and slams the RAZR to the ground with more media featurs and support for SD Memory and out of the box USB support.

It comes in White and Black (I've included pictures of the White model) and ships with a case which sports a plushie (But tiny) Mickey on its side.

I'm going to try and buy one in late March and of course I'll review it here.

And I'll be making Hilary Duff's rendition of the Mickey Mouse March the ringtone.

Jens Out