Monday, March 31, 2008

Here in the big world

Out here in the big world, the Disney fans are fuming. Fans of pop artist Mary Blair are incensed. The egneral public in cases where they are aware, are extremely surprised. And what's caused all this ruckus? Disney's world famous It's a Small World attraction at Disneyland Park is rumoured and conirmed to have some controversial changes in store for us when it reopens.

Now, I feel the need to provide my input.

The first change, and only confirmed one, is the inclusion of some Disney characters in the rides' scenes. Now, so long as the characters are appropriate (Aladdin and Jasmine representing the middle east, Woody and Jessie for example as the cowboys in the finale scene, Simba as a lion in Africa), I'm not opposed. Sorry, it just doesn't bother me. I've seen pictures of the Hong Kong version which has similar ideas actually implemented and its fine.

The next idea is replacing the rainforest with a tribute to America. Um. No. Sorry, just no. Disney, no. You cannot and should not do that. It defeats the point of the ride - multiculturalism. If people wanted a view of America, they could go to Mainstreet, USA; New Orleans Square or Frontierland, entire areas of Disneyland Park dedicated to emulating America.

The final rumour is about changing the song. I haven't got details on how they plan to change it, but I undecided. Some of the other versions, notably aris, use modified songs. In theory though, I still say no.

Later this year, I'm headed to the 'World, so coming tomorrow I have the latest version of Birnbaums Official Guide to Disney World. We have the 1991 edition, but as you can imagine it's a touch out of date. It predates one of the 4 parks by over half a decade!

I'll probably review the book after read, and then again after the trip (Which I'll cover on here). Incidentally, I still say the Contemporary is the most exciting hotel on Disney property, if not in the world. The freaking monorail goes into the exciting A-Frame tower for crying out loud.

Ahem. Anyway.

Jens Out.

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