Friday, September 21, 2007

Cars Lightning McQueen Animated Character Phone

I recently bought the aformentioned phone for use as a VoIP phone on my desk. I must say, Lightning looks right at home sitting there in front of my monitor and beside my PDA.

The USP of the phone is that instead of simply ringing when a call is received (Though that is an option), Lightning vibratesas if limbering up to race and delivers phrases from the film.

Phrases like "Kachow, kachow, kachow", "I am faster than fast", "Speed, I am speed" and "Now that's what I'm talking about".

There are five in total and a press of the Demo button, located by the handset cable port, plays all of them including some vibration.

The handset itself is the top of Lightning. The area from his bonnet (Hood) back to his spoiler comes away as the handset. On it are the obligatory 1-9-0 # * as well as Redial, Recall and Mute buttons plus a volume High/Low switch and a Cars logo.

The handset is surprisingly comfortable to hold and the buttons all have nice feels and are easily readable - even the corresponding letters on numbers which have these.

The phone looks very neat, most likely a result of it being a compact phone with a unique form factor. It's also a surprising accurate model of Lightning, including - as far as I can tell - all of his sponsor stickers, matching is body shape exactly and basically just looking, for want of a better word, right.

I'll update later with pictures and details on how good it is as a phone.

Jens Out

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