Friday, September 7, 2007

Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Below is an open letter from me and anyone else who wishes to sign it in the Comments to The Walt Disney Company regarding news that they may drop Vanessa Anne Hudgens from future High School Musical productions.

Dear Board of Directors, Management of The Walt Disney Company/Disney Channel Worldwide and all other involved parties,

I have heard the news about a nude picture of Vanessa Anne Hudgens surfacing on the internet and that as a result, Disney is considering dropping Vanessa from future productions in the High School Musical franchise.

I would like to emphatically suggest you show leniancy in this case. Vanessa has said that the picture was a private matter and that she did not wish for it to appear in public. I for one believe her and you should too.

And either way, Vanessa is a fantastic role model and a very down-to-earth, nice person. She has earned her good name and Disney should do everything to help her maintain it - not help soil it.

Besides which, dropping Vanessa would be a huge mistake. High School Musical is a global cultural phenomenon. And Vanessa is a central part of that. There is no question over whether future High School Musical productions will be as successful if Vanessa is replaced. They will not. So financially, it's a mistake.

And that's not to mention the public outcry Disney would surely face.

Dropping Vanessa is neither justifiable or clever. As a die hard Disney Fan through-and-through, I would hate to see Disney make the huge mistake of ending Vanessa's involvement in the High School Musical Franchise.

And who's to say the cast would go along with this move? If Vanessa goes, one could imagine Zac Efron walking. Ashley Tisdale might be next and what is there to guarantee Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman would stay?

And without the whole set, there's no franchise to continue. No record-breaking profits. Nothing.

Disney has chucked away profits before - refusing a potentially lucrative deal with Hilary Duff over a slightly late response, turning down hits like Survivor and CSI, but we're past such monumental mistakes and into a time of wisdom. Like buying Pixar or allowing movies and TV shows to be bought from iTunes. Let's not make dropping Vanessa Anne Hudgens the crowning screw-up of this renewed era for Disney.

Vanessa Must Stay.

Paul Douglas


Anonymous said...

Hear hear.
Disney would be very foolish to let her go. She is an integral part of a successful franchise as you already said, and it would be unfair to tarnish the poor girls reputation.
She deserves another chance. She's got a potentially fantastic career in front of her, and it would be a travesty to ruin that.

Anonymous said...
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fixyourthinking said...

Good letter

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, she knew what she was doing. I'm only 14, but I know better than to expose myself just for the sake of keeping my boyfriend. Would Gabriella have done it? nooo, now she has a lot of teenage girls thinking its ok to expose yourself just for the sake of keeping your boyfriend. I won't watch any more HSM if she is in it. -KT

Anonymous said...